Does staring at a blank page unnerve you?  Do you often put off your writing assignments until the night before it is due? Are you unsure about how to write your assignments? Most writers, even the pros, could answer yes to these questions at some point in their writing lives.

Ernest Hemingway once said,  ” There is no rule on how to write.  Sometimes it comes easily and perfectly; sometimes it’s like drilling rock and then blasting it out with charges.” As a young writer, Hemingway lived in 1920s Paris, and when he was having a rough go with his work, he’d go hang out with other writers in a café, where they drank coffee, traded publishing advice, and of course pondered their problems with what they were working on.  Think of our writing workshops as a kind of cafe, where you chill with writers like yourself and talk about your work. Through the workshop method you will see writing in a fresh, new way.

Hemingway (bushy mustache) and other writers at Café Neapolitan in 1920s Paris

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