Mummy Mountain Writers Workshops is a community of young writers, who gather together to create and share their creative writing with their peers.  Led by MMWW Director Mel Smith, the workshops consist of fun writing exercises, peer-to-peer writing evaluations, and also individual attention for each member.  Workshops are limited to six members. During the course of each session, writers will work on short stories along with other creative pieces such as poem sequences, personal essays, and (despite their young ages!) memoirs.

We don’t waste time during the workshops. Workshop begins with fifteen minutes of writing exercises and games to get our creative wheels spinning.  Then a brief discussion follows about reasons why each exercise or game contributes to better writing. After this, writers who want feedback on their work provide copies for each member to take home and annotate for the next session.  By now the day’s presenting writers are eager for feedback, so for the next forty-five minutes the other writers turn their attention to the presenters’ work, offering suggestions, posing questions, or praising an aspect of the piece.

We close with a check-in on how current work is shaping up while we snack on some kind of seeds —pomegranate, sunflower, or pumpkin — to remind us that writing grows and flourishes in our workshop garden.

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