College counselors, teachers, and admissions personnel  highlight the essay in the application process; in fact, today many believe that the essay ranks higher in importance than standardized testing scores, interviews, and teacher recommendations.

During the initial session, I review the student’s writing sample and offer basic writing tips. Then, through a series of prompts and exercises, we exchange ideas, an exchange that helps in pinning down which prompt to choose. Some prompts are very specific; others offer a wider latitude. Once a student decides on one, she or he sets forth emboldened!

Usually by the second session, the student presents the first draft (usually via e-mail), and I review it in terms of tone, voice, and audience. After each draft, we meet and discuss the successes and also consider possible revisions.  This “draft-read-discuss” loop continues until the student is happy with the essay.

Throughout the process, the tutor provides what most student writers desire: practical writing tips, editorial suggestions, and overall enthusiastic coaching.

Cost: $200 for 4 hour-long sessions

Writing sample required before first session

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